Step 1: Scan

High speed scanning from your computer to ours starts the painless process.

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Step 2: Diastema

Diastema converts your paper or PDF to QuickBooks transactions. Some Automated and others carefully entered.

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Step 3: QuickBooks

QuickBooks Data is updated and ready to be reported on

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Diastema delivers

We know that bookkeeping might not change the world. However you being able to focus on your practice, instead of worrying about your paperwork, just might. We set out to create a simple method to manage repetitive manual bookkeeping tasks. We've done it. This will save you money, and take the stress of paperwork away.

Most bookkeeping solutions focus on the manual data entry, we've eliminated that. Our focus is on providing you with data that will enhance your business decisions.  We are a team of bookkeeping and programming experts, combining our disciplines to create Diastema.

We are excited to share our technology with you, and want to learn what else you need to optimize your practice.


Next Steps...

Learn more about what Diastema can do to fill the gap in your bookkeeping. Call or email us for a chat about your needs today.