Scanning somehow got a bad rap.  It's actually awesome.  Our highspeed scanners make quick work of your papers.

Diastema Processing

This is the heart of our system, whether it is scanned time data, expenses, cheque stubs or whatever you fit in the scanner, we will process it accordingly.

QuickBooks Online

We are excited to use QuickBooks online. It is flexible enough to take our data, and it is beefy enough to provide you with great reporting and easier year ends.

FB Cover - Revision

Paperwork Simplified

We are working hard to make sure that your office work is focused on serving clients, and not tracking old transactions down.

No goofy camera, and no US servers

Your data is in Canada, and it is processed in Canada.  We are proud that this is a homegrown solution.  It is fast and it is painless.


Next Steps...

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